Zequencer | Audio plugins for free
Tools for music-makers. Reinvented for the future of web.
A collaborative DAW. Open to anyone, anywhere.

Workflows you already love. Packed with features you’ve always dreamed of.

Zequencer let’s you sequence sounds intuitively and with intention. Sculpt that off the cuff idea.

Generative MIDI effects and scripting capabilities let you morph patterns into everlasting compositions.

Work seamlessly between computers.
Straight from your browser.
Build communities centered around
a shared library of creative knowledge.
Our creative work isn’t just the end product. The process behind it all is what fuels future works. That’s why Zequencer lets you build on the collective processes being discovered by your peers– all while remembering who invented what.
Creative Building Blocks
Browse and search everything.
Attributed by source.
Shared With Your Squad
Crypto-native from the start.
Zequencer stores all creative metadata on the blockchain. Storing this on-chain ensures that all attribution and crediting is never lost.
Coming soon
Mint NFTs
Coming soon


Coming soon
Encrypted Groups

Token Gated

Coming soon

The group is a core primitive in Zequencer.
group of creatives can keep their shared library private to just the group.

The group can decide who gets to join, and the terms of membership.

Coming Soon: Groups will be able to mint NFTs of their collective works, with the profits split among contributers– including sample-makers.”

Source : zequencer.io

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