Zebralette 3 (beta)

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“Zebralette 3 (Beta revision 15573) is the first big step towards the next phase of Zebra’s evolution.
Like it’s predecessor, Zebralette 3 consists of a single Zebra oscillator with a few modulation sources and effects added, all wrapped in a fresh and modern, fully vectorized GUI.
The oscillator module alone is a world of its own, with a spline based wavetable editor at its core, up to sixteen wavetable snapshots featuring a variety of morphing options, two oscillator effect slots with over twenty effects to choose from, and an audio engine switchable between wavetable and additive synthesis.

Despite there being just one oscillator, there’s a lot to explore.
First and foremost, the immensely powerful spline editor allows you to shape your waveforms and modulation signals with ease using many versatile tools.
Create a waveform in seconds with the stamp tools or spend hours meticulously shaping and carving out every detail of the wavetable snapshots and their morphing behaviour, it’s totally up to you.
Decide if the wavetable represents the actual oscillator waveform or if it’s used to shape the oscillator’s spectrum.
Switch between regular wavetable or additive synthesis mode. Manipulate individual harmonics in additive mode.
Further shape and modulate the sound through the two oscillator effect slots, offering a mix of Zebra 2’s most used effects and a variety of completely new creations.
Export your wavetable (minus modulation and oscillator effects) to use it in your favourite wavetable synthesizer.
Best of all, Zebralette 3 will of course be completely free.


Also mandatory is a look at the work in progress user guide. Best to keep it handy during the first days of exploration:
Zebralette 3 User Guide WIP 20240216

After you’ve watched the video and read the user guide (you did, right?), it’s finally time to take a deep breath, dive right in and start creating your own sounds and wavetables.
We also added a bunch of work in progress presets to give you a first rough idea of Zebralette’s vast possibilities.


Source : kvraudio.com