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“XS-707 is a rompler made out of a TR-707 kit sampled from an EMU EMAX 12bit sampler. I recorded all the 127 velocity layers from each drum element to capture the sound of its fine analog filter. To do so I used an analog graphic EQ to boost some good frequencies, ending up in a tube preamp to add some warmth…

It is called XS-707 because of the excessive sampling aspect, resulting the use of 1905 samples. You might consider it’s way too much and you may be right… But that’s the way I like it, to back up my old hardware for my own use. So… download at your own risk!

  • 1905 samples – 24 bit 44100 Hz. (440 MB unzipped)
  • 127 velocity layers.
  • 16 assignable outputs.
  • -/+ 2 pitch bend knob control.
  • LP/HP filter.

Zip includes both VST2 and VST3 formats.
Mac Catalina users : this plugin will probably not be authorized.”

Source : 12bitz.com

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