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“XiiixxiQ is a Summed Euclidean, Non Linear, Poly-metric, Polyrhythmic, Morph-able Step Sequencer.

XiiixxiQ is designed to be a MidiFX plugin in Logic. It offers a collection of sequencing processes based around the central theme of summing Euclidean rhythms. The output of up to four discrete Euclidean generators are summed before feeding into a single step sequencer. This arrangement in itself offers a huge number of evolving rhythms when driving a single sequence but this is only the starting point as further manipulations can occur using one of the options below.

Sequence Morphing.

There are two Sequence-Morph options; a 2-Dimensional A/B option which blends two totally different set-ups together as you move from one to the other, and a 3-Dimensional A/B/C option which can triangulate settings between three independent set-ups.

Subset Sequencing.

The inter-relatedness of the individually generated Euclidean rhythms, through a process of common subset analysis, can be exploited to build a sequence of patterns that move from one set of common subset relationships to another.

Custom Pattern.

There is additionally the option to input a custom rhythm which can then either be fed directly into the step-sequencer, with no additional input from the Euclidean generators, or can be added as a contributory element to the overall summed feed.

Pattern Matching.

The custom rhythm can also be analysed and re-created as closely as possible by the Euclidean generators alone which then allows it to be subject to sequence-morphing and/or subset sequencing.

Full manual included in installation package.”

Source : kvraudio.com

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