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“Wolf Shaper is a free VST, LV2 and CLAP distortion plugin.

It lets you create your own waveshaping functions using a spline-based graph editor.

  • Customizable graph – Design your own distortion functions using 4 different curve types.
  • Warp modes – Use warping algorithms to alter the graph dynamically.
  • Uni/Bi modes – Switch between symmetrical and asymmetrical distortion.
  • Up to 16x oversampling – Get rid of aliasing artifacts for a cleaner sound.

linux download : https://github.com/wolf-plugins/wolf-shaper/tree/master#install

How to use

Parameters and controls

  • Pre – Controls the input volume, before any processing has taken place.
  • Wet – Determines the mix between the original and the processed signal in the output. Set this parameter at maximum value to only hear the processed signal.
  • Post – Controls the output volume, after all processing has been done.
  • Center – Removes DC offset from the output. This ensures that the resulting waveform is vertically centered at zero.
  • Oversample – Sets the multiple of the sample rate at which the processing will be done. This allows the plugin to filter out some harmonics that would otherwise cause aliasing artifacts.
  • Uni/Bi switch – Allows switching between symmetrical and asymmetrical waveshaping.
  • Warp knobs – The two yellow knobs in the middle of the UI allow to bend the distortion curve dynamically. These knobs can be automated by the plugin host for interesting effects.
  • Reset button – Puts the graph back at its default state, which is a straight diagonal line.

Graph editing

  • Add a vertex – Right-click in the graph to add a vertex. Keep holding the right mouse button to position the vertex.
  • Move a vertex – Left-click and drag the vertex.
  • Remove a vertex – Double left-click on the vertex.
  • Tweak the tension of an edge – Left-click and drag vertically the tension handle located at the center of the edge.
  • Change the curve type – Right-click on a vertex, then select the curve type in the context menu.

User interface

  • Resize the window – Left-click and drag the resize handle located at the bottom-right to resize the window.”

Source : wolf-plugins.github.io

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