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“Welcome to WebSynths Grooves, the free browser-based drum machine and sample library.

I have not optimized or tested this website for mobile or any browser other than the latest version of Chrome.

Headphones are recommended for an optimal listening experience.

Press spacebar to start and stop the groove, press return to rewind to the start of the groove. Keys 1-4, q-r, a-f, z-v will trigger samples.

Click on the song name in the header to select different demonstration grooves, or a blank canvas to start with no patterns. You can also save and load your own patterns from the dropdown.

Click on a sample pad on the left, select the sample and adjust the sample’s pattern and other parameters and on the right. Double clicking on a slider resets its value.

Each groove has 8 patterns. All patterns share the same samples, effects and effects settings. Click the duplicate button to copy, paste, or clear the patterns. Use SONG MODE to arrange a list of patterns that play one after the other. Each sample can be output to any of the six channels, and effects like reverb and delay can be added to the individual channels. Sample start and end can be adjusted. If it causes unwanted clicking, adjust the attack and release envelopes.

If you have a MIDI device connected to your computer, you can trigger the samples with it. ebSynths Grooves is GENERATIVE. That means you can set the likelihood of a beat to strike with the chance setting, and randomize the pitch or volume for each hit. WebSynths Grooves is POLYMETRIC. Each of the 16 sample patterns can have a different step length, up to 64.

WebSynths Grooves is FREE to subscribe to, and subscribers get to record their audio to WAV files and download the sample packs for use in their own DAW or sampler. “

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