“WebSynths is a online browser based synth, encoded in HTML5 and is optimized for multitouch touchscreens. This very complete application has three oscillators, a filter section, an ADSR amplitude envelope, an effects section with reverb, delay, parametric EQ, compressor, distortion, chorus and tremolo. You can also adjust the volume and tempo, tuning, the number of “keys” to be displayed on the screen and even control the synthesizer from a MIDI controller (if using a multi-channel sequencer, you can open multiple instances of WebSynths , configure each instance on different channels and sequence them together, imagine the possibilities.)

WebSynths also includes 125 presets and you can save and load patches with your own settings.

For a midi use :

  1. Use the latest version of Google Chrome.
  2. Open chrome’s flags window by typing chrome://flags into the browser URL address bar.
  3. Locate Enable Web MIDI API on the flags page and enable it.
  4. Quit Chrome. Connect your MIDI device and relaunch Chrome.”

Source : websynths.com

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