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“In 2020, Tracktion Corporation had released Waveform Free, a free digital audio workstation based on its flagship Waveform Pro 11 ($69) software.

Waveform Free is a freeware digital audio workstation based on the essential features found in Waveform Pro 11. It is the successor to T7 DAW, the previous free digital audio workstation on offer by Tracktion Corporation.

Of course, Waveform Free doesn’t provide all the features found in Waveform Pro 11. However, all the essentials required for music production are there. Let’s take a look at some of Waveform Free’s coolest features.

Most importantly, the app can load third-party VST plugins, meaning that you’ll have access to an almost unlimited amount of virtual instruments and effects. Also, the DAW comes with its own set of native effects and a couple of virtual instruments – the 4OSC subtractive synthesizer and the Mirco Drum Sampler instrument. Also, third-party plugins will run in a sandbox to prevent any crashes and similar issues caused by plugin instability. If a plugin misbehaves, you can simply remove it from the project and continue your work.

Another feature worth mentioning is Waveform Free’s unlimited track count. Whereas most other freeware DAWs limit the number of audio tracks that can be used in a single project, Waveform Free lets you add as many channels as you’d like. This is essential for mix engineers working with multi-track recordings and for electronic music producers who use a large number of audio layers in their music.

Since its beginning, Tracktion’s music production software was known for its efficient workflow. Waveform Free continues that tradition with a streamlined user interface that is arguably more intuitive than other DAWs. If you’re a beginner music producer, chances are that you’ll have an easy time understanding how to make music with Waveform Free.”

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