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“Well here it is the new VSCO2 Rompler. Most obviously, the look is much nicer. Thanks to Sam Gossner for hooking my up with the artwork of Simon Autenrieth. The New GUI also includes a Reverb knob. Reverb is more important as the default release times have been shortened to allow for sharper performances. Also this orchestra is recorded pretty dry, so reverb is needed to wetten it up. If you are mixing it with the Sonatina Rompler you will notice the difference as the Sonatina is wetter out of the box.

Another improvement is round robins for most of the short articulations and quick percussion hits. Also the ‘Old Trombone’, ‘Upright 1’ piano and a lite piccolo patch have been added. This takes the total of samples to over 2000 and gives 25 instruments. The strings have solo violin and double bass and small violin, viola and cello sections. Brass and woodwinds have five solo instruments each. Remember this is a chamber orchestra, so it is intended for a smaller and more intimate sound. Traditional a chamber orchestra would be brought into the home of a rich man, maybe a noble, to entertain his family and friends. So imagine you are a medieval baron as you listen.

Thanks to Sam Gossner and his crew for this collection of samples. Take a look at the Community Edition on his site. You can find the samples, SFZ versions and much more. If you enjoy the sound you might invest in the pro edition. I did and I’m quite enjoying it. The fun exotic instruments like wooden flutes, baroque recorders and unique brass make it worth the price of admission.

windows VST 32/64, Mac AU/VST”

Source : bigcatinstruments.blogspot.fr

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  1. Avatar Kyle says:

    As of October 17, 2017, it looks like someone DMCA’d the download page, so I guess you can’t get it anymore.

  2. Avatar David Gordon says:

    Worth knowing that these plugins work quite happily under Linux as well – and also under the pre-release of the latest version of Windows 10 – which I am testing – and I suspect they will also work on OSX (I haven’t yet hijacked my dad’s computer to test this).

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