“VSCO 2 CE is an open-source, open-ended subset of the main VSCO 2 branch designed for young composers, hobbyist sample library designers, and students around the world to create better sounding music for free, and learn more about the process of sample library development.

System Requirements

  • 111-1900 MB of HD space
  • Suitable sampler (Sforzando, Grace, HISE, Kontakt, Maize, etc.)
  • Hard Disk speed of 5000 RPM or higher suggested
  • MIDI Keyboard suggested

How Does it Work?

Currently the Community Edition exists as raw samples, a WIP sfz format, and a WIP nki format. We’ve included a video tutorial below for making (and editing) your own .sfz format files, which can be used in free samplers such as Sforzando.

On top of that, you can modify the samples to create big sections, weird pads; pretty much anything you can imagine!

I’m currently making some SFZ patches from the sample set and I’ve included the latest BETA of that over to the right.

The entire sample set is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. We ask that you do not resell the samples, or sell products made directly from these samples, to allow the most open-ended ongoing development.”

Source : vis.versilstudios.net

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