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Steel Wire Style

The VREV-666 is an incredibly rare spring reverb from the 1960s that was initially designed to alter the apparent acoustic properties of listening environments. Originally built for the BBC, this compact studio legend oozes the typical rich, bouncy, and unpredictable vibe of a true electromechanical reverb in a very authentic way.

Ambience with Attitude

The VREV-666 is not the most realistic reverb in the world – and that’s the beauty of it. Sending any signal through its springs will always result in something vibrant and charismatic. It can add an edge to your vocals, dirty ambience to your synth, gritty room tone to your guitar and bass, or some cool finishing textures to your favorite instruments…you name it.

Shine a Light

Compared to the original hardware which features a single effect gain control, the VREV-666 adds a mix stage, pre-delay of up to 150 ms and a tone EQ which attenuates the pronounced resonance of the spring system in the bass range. A truly musical limiter built around a light bulb helps to tame peaks that would otherwise cause chirping overloads inside the spring tank.

Host Gift Redefined

While the few available hardware units remain much cherished gems inside the studios of artists and producers, the VREV-666 makes the original vintage character of this juicy spring reverb available for your DAW. And as the best things in life are free, so is this plugin emulation which is brought to you as an exclusive freebie by Fuse Audio Labs!”

Source : fuseaudiolabs.com

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