VPRE-72 Free Vintage Tube Preamp

VPRE-72 Free Vintage Tube Preamp | Audio Plugins for Free

“Recording History

Some pieces of classic studio equipment just don’t need an introduction: Here is the VPRE-72! The archetypical preamp was released in the early 1950s and built by several iconic brands such as Maihak, TAB, Siemens and TFK. A legend in itself to the present day, the V72 also became the blueprint for the later V76 and the classic REDD.47 preamps used on numerous Beatles sessions.

The Real Thing

Divine and subtle – this is why you hear the magic of this aerial tube pre on countless kicks, snares, vocals and basses all over the world. The VPRE-72 catches the exact spirit with a faithful emulation of the input and output transformers, the dual EF804s pentode circuit with its peculiar feedback structure, as well as the heavy output choke which produces a subtle touch of air.

And Then Some

The VPRE-72 is as straight forward as it gets: Use the Drive control to apply as much tube circuit glory as your signal needs, or even push it a little further for some gentle and truly musical saturation. No matter how far you go, the gain is always compensated, and the added V76-style low and high cut filters let you shape the results to your liking in no time at all.

The Best Pres

…in life are free? Certainly not – especially in the case of highly sought after vintage devices. The VPRE-72 is a different story, though, since we’re offering it completely for free without any ifs or buts. Enjoy it, and make sure to not miss our tried and trusted grouping feature, which comes in super handy when using the preamp as the first insert across your session.

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