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Nikolay Tsenkov offers a web synthesizer code ‘open-source’. To use it simply access with a Web-MIDI & Web-Audio compatible browser (Chrome) to the Web-page

Because it is open source, we can also use it to learn how to schedule these systems and modify at will the development adapted to our needs.

Based on javascript and implementation of Web-Audio and Web-MIDI, the source code is available in

As synthesizer itself, offers traditional subtractive structure reminiscent of the classic Minimoog with three oscillators, noise, low pass filter, etc. But polyphony and has separate enclosures amplitude and filter, as well as incorporating delay and reverb.
A good opportunity to play with a synth and to understand the operation of both the Web-MIDI API, such as creating audio systems leveraging Web-Audio Modules incorporating both for synthesis and for effects.

Currently only with Chrome you can enjoy it fully, touching from an external keyboard.

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