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Vastaus is a versatile plugin that can be applied to instrument channels, buses, and even the master channel. It’s designed to be used creatively, so feel free to experiment with it. For instance, try adding an EQ before Vastaus and pushing the highs way overboard to see how it responds.

Neutral State and Basic Controls

At its most neutral setting, with Input Gain and Tame at 0, Vastaus effectively tames and blocks overly harsh high frequencies. This makes it perfect for smoothing out vocal esses, cymbals, guitars, and almost anything else.

Enhanced Effects with Tame

Increasing the Tame control enhances this smoothing effect and unlocks more options with the React switch and the Bias setting. React mode allows Tame to let through some transients in a unique way, adding detail and clarity while still smoothing the sound. The Bias setting offers further control, letting you limit the effect to either the positive or negative side of the audio samples, which generates harmonics. This process is often described as “silky” and is similar to techniques used by some renowned hardware unit makers.

Gain Controls

  • Input Gain: Controls the overall signal boost entering the plugin.
  • Output Gain: Acts as a pad, with 100% level adding no additional volume. Boosting the input gain can add extra high end to the signal after taming it, which is particularly useful for instruments like electric guitars. Combined with the Bias knob, Vastaus can serve as a leveling tool, enhancing and extending high-end frequencies beyond their original range.

Blending and Fine-Tuning

Use the Wet knob to blend the processed signal with the original audio in any proportion you desire. This flexibility allows you to shape your sound precisely and achieve the desired effect.

Vastaus is a powerful tool for taming, enhancing, and shaping your audio, making it an essential addition to any audio engineer or producer’s toolkit.

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