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This free plugin offers a realistic tube preamp emulation, meticulously developed by Philipp Bulling as part of his thesis work. Initially available on his personal website, the project has since been taken over by DDMF to ensure continued availability and enhancement. With this plugin, you get full control over the modeled circuit components, allowing for a highly customizable audio experience.

Key Features:

  • Completely Free: No charges at all when you download the installer for your operating system.
  • Comprehensive Control: Users can tweak every aspect of the modeled circuit, including capacitor and resistor values.
  • Realistic Tube Sound: Emulates the distinct sound characteristics of an analog tube amplifier, focusing on preamps with triodes.
  • Detailed Modeling: Based on physical properties and theoretical studies of real tubes, ensuring an authentic emulation.
  • Advanced Circuit Simulation: Includes modeling of cathode biasing and signal clipping for an accurate representation of tube behavior.

What is it?

This plugin stands out due to its ability to replicate the analog warmth and distortion characteristics of tube amplifiers. Developed originally by Philipp Bulling and now maintained by DDMF, it uses sophisticated algorithms to emulate the behavior of triodes and the entire amplifier circuit. The plugin provides a highly flexible platform for users to experiment with different circuit parameters, making it a powerful tool for achieving vintage, analog sounds in a digital format.


The sound of analog tube amplifiers has long fascinated audio engineers. Despite the shift towards digital technology, the unique tonal qualities of tube amplifiers remain sought after. This plugin addresses this demand by offering a digital model that emulates the sound of a tube preamp. The model incorporates the physical properties of real tubes, using mathematical functions to simulate the behavior of triodes. The result is a plugin that replicates the sound characteristics of analog tube amplifiers with high fidelity.

Technical Details:

  1. Triode Modeling: Developed based on characteristic curves of real tubes, surpassing the accuracy of traditional Langmuir-Child’s law.
  2. Circuit Modeling: Implements a plate follower stage with cathode biasing, modeled as a first-order RC low pass filter.
  3. Signal Limiting: Simulates clipping caused by the tube itself and grid current, providing a realistic distortion effect.
  4. Algorithm Implementation: The preamp stages are implemented digitally, with two plate follower stages connected in series to replicate the analog amplification process.

Usage Tips:

  • Experiment with Parameters: Adjust capacitor and resistor values to explore different tonal qualities and achieve the perfect sound for your mix.
  • Drive and Gain Control: Use the drive and gain knobs to manage the amplification factor and achieve the desired level of distortion.

With this plugin, you can infuse your digital recordings with the warm, rich sound of analog tube amplifiers, offering unparalleled control and flexibility. Download it today and transform your audio production with vintage tube tones.

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