Triangle II

Capable of a broad range of sounds, from warm to aggressive, Triangle II packs the perfect feature set for a mono synthesizer for uncompromised playability.

Key Features


  • 2 Oscillators, one Sub-Oscillator and a Tuned Noise generator
  • 7 fully bandlimited waveforms per oscillator, detune, transpose and table shift controls
  • PWM in both oscillators, with manual width control or controllable by LFO
  • MULTI mode, which turns oscillator 1 in eight individual oscillators, with multi detune control
  • SYNC mode
  • Portamento with fixed and variable time, fingered or normal, and selectable effect on pitch bend
  • DC Burst generator to add punch to attack stage
  • Adjustable range Pitch Bend
  • Main Tune and Random Tune controls
  • Four playing modes: Fingered, Low and High priority note Legato, Full Legato


  • 2-pole LPF/HPF/BPF, and ultra smooth 4-pole LPF/HPF plus a high resonance 4-pole LPF filters

Low Frequency Oscillators

  • 3 dedicated Pitch, Filter (PWM) and Amplifier LFO’s

Envelope Generators

  • 3 dedicated Pitch, Filter and Amplifier Envelope Generators


  • Bass Eq control with adjustable center frequency
  • Hard Drive effect
  • Decimator effect
  • Aggressive 6-Voice Chorus mono/stereo effect, controllable by Envelope Generator
  • Stereo/Ping delay effect, BPM sync’able to host tempo
  • Reverb effect with size control and two rendering modes
  • Stereo Spread effect

Source : Cakewalk

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