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“TRANSCR is a multi-purpose polyphonic transcription plugin.

Turn your acoustic instrument or voice into a MIDI controller, record your live performance, or convert your recordings to MIDI.

The plugin is amazing! It is a great tool for creativity and it really makes the whole music making process easier. I mean… Let’s say you don’t know how to play the piano, but you do know how to play the guitar. There’s no limitation for you to create your keys tracks with MIDI. It is really fun to play and experiment with it and do everything that I usually do with a MIDI controller and my guitar.

Eduardo León


  • Guitar (6 strings).
  • Bass (4, 5, or 6 strings).
  • Voice (unisex, female, male, prepubescent).
  • Piano (88 keys).
  • Violin (4 strings).
  • Viola (4 strings).
  • Cello (4 strings).
  • Contrabass (4 or 5 strings).

The string instruments guitar and violin family in standard tuning.


  • Pre-gain and sound level meter.
  • Audio to MIDI conversion with customisation.
  • Latency control for live performance.
  • Built-in MIDI effects.


  • Acoustic MIDI controller.
  • MIDI and audio recorder.
  • Audio-to-MIDI converter.

An Algoriffix account is required to use the plugin. Sign up for free at More features, such as chordal accompaniment, can be accessed via our web service. Also try our mobile app.”

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