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“ToneZ is a free cross-plateform polyphonic synthesizer, available as VST/AU plugin for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
With its modern looking UI, it will become one of your new best friends for supersaws, leads, basses, plucks and more !

***Please note : VST3 version is experimental : crashes occured in FL Studio and Reaper, will work on a fix right after the holidays ***


4 Oscillators

12 waveforms
User custom waveforms
1-8 voices
Detune & stereo width control

4 Envelopes

Custom curves mode
Modulation Matrix

2 Filter Units

Multi mode : LP, HP, BP
Key tracking
Filter drive

2 LFOs

6 wave shapes
Musical (Gain Key tracking)
BPM Sync

6 Built-in FX

Distortion, Equalizer
Chorus, Delay
Reverb, Compressor

Control Panel

Preset system (+100 presets included)
Compatible ToneZ (V1) presets
Expert detune + mix
Portamento with glide & retrig.

Waveforms manager

+20 Extra Waveforms included
Create your own ToneZ waveforms from your .wav samples
2 custom waveforms slots per ToneZ instances”

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