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“Tick is a self-contained metronome. It runs almost anywhere. It runs as a plug-in, it runs on your phone. Everything is self-contained so your metronome sounds (and your BPM/time-signature) can go wherever you go.


  • Sample-Accurate Metronome.
  • Customizable – You choose exactly how your metronome sounds. Including ability to do basic edits within Tick.
  • Portable – Tick is self-contained. As a plug-in, your audio samples are saved in the preset that is part of your audio session/project.
  • Low Pass Filter – avoid bleeds while recording.
  • Cross-Platform – Tick is available as an audio plug-in or a standalone app for Mac, Windows & iOS. Linux & Android (coming soon).
  • Open-Source – Tick is fully open-sourced so anyone can contribute.
  • Open-Standards – Tick preset format is a zip archive with plain WAVE files (containing metadata) along a simple readable XML.”

Source : kvraudio.com

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