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TheMasker, crafted by the talented minds at LIM (Laboratory of Musical Informatics, University of Milan), is a cutting-edge plugin that seamlessly mitigates frequency masking. Drawing inspiration from Wavesfactory’s Trackspacer, this tool meticulously examines the sidechain input, then deftly applies dynamic EQ adjustments to minimize frequency clashes.

Designed to spotlight your chosen track within a mix, TheMasker effortlessly integrates with your digital audio workstation (DAW) by channeling audio to its sidechain input. Its intuitive spectrum display showcases the main and sidechain inputs in white and yellow, while the Delta sample, marked in purple, highlights the impacted frequency areas and their decibel adjustments.

The plugin features a “Sidechain” knob, enabling you to dial the sidechain signal’s volume up or down, effectively allowing frequencies to either emerge or retreat from the sonic landscape. The “Clean up” slider fine-tunes the bandwidth of frequencies under influence. For a touch of versatility, the AMT (amount) control lets you blend the effect to taste, running in parallel to your mix. Additionally, knobs for adjusting the input and output signals ensure full command over your sound.

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