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“The Great Escape (preview version) is a dynamic tremolo plug-in, made in collaboration with Thrilltone and modeling their original hardware all analog pedal.Instead of being just a standard but still very good sounding tremolo, the two of them feature an envelope detector which changes the speed and the depth of the effect with your playing.

Indeed, tremolo is a great effect, but we must admit that in most cases, it has this mechanical and repetitive behavior, which leads us to use it in a very occasional manner, with pretty smooth intensity… Now, thanks to the envelope detector, tremolo can be a very expressive audio effect !

Fully featured with tons of controls, and presets made by Francois Maxime Boutault from Les Liens Du Son, The Great Escape is simply the most versatile dynamic tremolo plug-in you’ve ever dreamed of !

For more information about the original pedal, you can visit this link:


  • Highly versatile dynamic tremolo
  • 3 waveforms available : triangle, sinus and square
  • Speed up or slow down effect speed, with a simple pick’s hit
  • Reinforce or reduce effect’s intensity, with your playing dynamics
  • Finely set transition time with the dedicated “Release” knob
  • Optimized for all instruments, not just for electric guitars, thanks to “Threshold” control knob
  • Extra educational features to help users understand what is happening in the plug-in
About this versionThis is a preview version of an upcoming commercial plug-in. The sound signature of the plug-in is not representative (yet) of the original pedal behaviour, all the final features are not available either, and the current features will be subject to change.

It has been released early to help people have fun when they STAY AT HOME during COVID-19 containement. After a given period of time, this preview plug-in won’t be available anymore from the musical entropy website, until the release of the commercial plug-in, but will be still usable as a freeware forever.”

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