Mastering Audio Plugins

free audio plugin - BItterSweet II

BItterSweet II

    WindowsMacFree VSTRTAAudioUnit
64K Views Rating: 3.4 /5 (40 votes)
“Turning the central button to the sweet side decreases the transients amplitude. To the bitter side, the transien[...]


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
15K Views Rating: 3.3 /5 (7 votes)
“LOCKFISH is a versatile compressor with countless ways to shape the incoming audio. Unlike many other digital com[...]

Bitter Sweet II...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
11K Views Rating: 0 /5 (0 votes)
“Bitter Sweet is a free dynamics processor to manage audio transients. Turning the central button on the sweet si[...]
bx_masterdesk Classic | Audio Plugins for Free

bx_masterdesk C...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
7K Views Rating: 4.1 /5 (4 votes)
“Crafting great sounding masters has never been easier bx_masterdesk Classic gives you the sound of a complete hig[...]
Toned | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTRTAAudioUnit
5K Views Rating: 4.5 /5 (2 votes)
“Easy Tone Toned is a specialized tone shaping plugin with analog modeling. It is designed primarily for use in th[...]