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Climax | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
22K Views Rating: 3.8 /5 (10 votes)
“Hard/Brickwall Audio Clipper Use Pre Gain to tame the signal before it hits the ceiling, or to boost right into i[...]
KClip Zero | Audio Plugins for Free

KClip Zero

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
4K Views Rating: 3.5 /5 (1 votes)
“Free the clipper! Like its paid sibling, KClip 3, our first free plugin KClip Zero offers variable clipping curve[...]
Initial Clipper | Audio plugins for free

Initial Clipper

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
4K Views Rating: 3.5 /5 (2 votes)
“Initial Clipper is a free soft clipper plugin which prevents your audio signal from going above zero decibels.  [...]
Magnus Lite | Audio Plugins for Free

Magnus Lite

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
3K Views Rating: 3.3 /5 (2 votes)
“Magnus Lite is a robust and versatile brickwall limiter and clipper plugin crafted to facilitate the attainment o[...]
Flash | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
3K Views Rating: 4.5 /5 (2 votes)
“Free Transient Shaper Flash is a high quality transient shaper with M/S capabilities, clipping function to never [...]
Crispy Clip Light | Audio Plugins for Free

Crispy Clip Lig...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
2K Views Rating: 3 /5 (1 votes)
“Based on Crispy Clip, its light version is a professional-grade audio clipper plugin designed for precise and dyn[...]
Leikkaus | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
1K Views Rating: 3.7 /5 (3 votes)
Leikkaus emerges as a complimentary, open-source dynamic clipping effect plugin, boasting a user-friendly design. It fea[...]