Acoustic Guitar emulation Audio Plugins

Ample Guitar M ...

    WindowsMacFree VSTRTAAudioUnitAAX
34K Views Rating: 4 /5 (10 votes)
“AGML is the lite version of AGM, recorded on the Martin D-41 acoustic guitar, Natural sustain and resonating sou[...]
CLASSIC.GTr LITE | Audio Plugins for Free


    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
22K Views Rating: 3.9 /5 (12 votes)
“SPANISH GUITAR VST Classic.Gtr Lite is a free multi-sampled classical guitar plugin for Windows and Mac available[...]
DSK Dynamic Guitars | Audio Plugins for Free

DSK Dynamic Gui...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
15K Views Rating: 4.3 /5 (3 votes)
“Features  Guitars VST instrument – 3 Guitar types: Acoustic, Nylon & Steel – ADSR envelove control – P[...]
Spicy Guitar | Audio plugins for free

Spicy Guitar

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnit
9K Views Rating: 2.7 /5 (17 votes)
“Spicy Guitar is a free physically modelled acoustic guitar synthesizer. Relying on an innovative technology, its [...]
Vinyl Guitar 2 | Audio Plugins for Free

Vinyl Guitar 2

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
1K Views Rating: 2.5 /5 (1 votes)
Echo Sound Works introduces Vinyl Guitar 2, a significant update to their original plugin, featuring 10 multi-sampled ac[...]
Rubber Bridge Plucks | Audio Plugins for Free

Rubber Bridge P...

    WindowsMacFree VSTAudioUnitAAX
739 Views Rating: 3.5 /5 (2 votes)
Rubber Bridge Plucks is an innovative audio plugin created by Jon Meyer, offering a unique sound by modifying an acousti[...]