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“T-Puncher Free is the fastest way to control the sound’s transients to make your tracks punchier or softer with one single knob. Use this free plug-in and explore the T-Puncher premium for even a more pro sound.

T-Puncher makes your drums punch through while keeping them musical”

Source : techivation.com

3 Responses to “T-Puncher Free”

  1. Avatar mfru says:

    This is an outstanding transient enhancer especially on drums. It has an exceptionally punchy and musical sound.

    • Avatar MFRU says:

      And with the full version, with the addition of driving the input into the soft clipper, it’s really all you need to give your drums an extremely satisfying punch.

      • Avatar MFRU says:

        Plus the other features like the attack, smoother, soft/hard modes, and filter that allow you to further fine-tune the effect make this the best one for me. It just gives your drums ”that sound”. The tight, punchy and musical sound. The difference is like night and day.

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