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SynthTrack is an effect plugin. Applied to audio tracks, this plug-in applies Filter ADSR and LFO effects to synths on flat chords or moving sound waves. With this effect you can create chopping effects to your favorite sounds. It’s ideal for creating the typical rhythmic gated pad sounds. With the envelope controlled step sequencer it’s even possible to turn your pad sound into a powerful arp-like sequence.
This plugin synchronizes to the host sequencer / DAW tempo.


  • 16 steps per pattern.
  • Host tempo synchronization (where available).
  • HP BP LP Filter
  • aADSR for Amplitude
  • ADSR for Filter
  • LFO Sinus Square Saw waves, tempo synchronized, triple
  • Push for button for one shot gate.
  • 26 Presets
  • 64 bit windows version
  • Mix (Dry/Wet) Control”

Source : 2rulesite/synthtrack

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