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Introducing Subhoofer, a dynamic sub and bass enhancement plugin designed to serve as a compact alternative to other subharmonic generators. Whether you’re looking to make your bass lines perceptible on smaller speakers or you want to deepen the sub frequencies in your bass tracks, Subhoofer is your go-to tool. This versatile plugin is not only perfect for bass enhancement but also for enriching guitars, bolstering other instruments, and giving vocals a touch of presence. Dive in and start experimenting!

Subhoofer offers both bass and subharmonic generation, coupled with a touch of saturation to elevate the sonic experience.

Out of the box, Subhoofer’s default settings deliver a sound reminiscent of a classic bass plugin with a modern twist, encouraging users to fine-tune and personalize the sound.


  • In Gain: Adjusts the input level before processing.
  • Out Gain: Sets the output level after processing.
  • Wet: Balances between the processed and dry sound.
  • Hardness: A tone control for shaping the harmonics, utilizing a modified Chebyshev algorithm.
  • Harmonics: Enhances the signal with additional harmonics.
  • Harmonic Algorithm: Select from several innovative methods to generate and manipulate harmonics:
    • A Bass New: Ardura’s latest algorithm crafted for optimal bass enhancement.
    • 8 Harmonic Stack: Focuses on lower frequencies with an eight-harmonic structure.
    • Duro Console: A robust seven-harmonic method with a preference for non-octave harmonics.
    • TanH Transfer: Adds harmonics using a hyperbolic tangent function, simulating the warmth of tape.
    • Custom: Enables users to create their own harmonic profiles with adjustable sliders.
  • Sub Gain: Controls the level of the subharmonic generator.
  • Sub Drive: Directs the subharmonic content through the TanH Transfer for an added layer of subtle harmonics.

Unlock new dimensions of your audio with Subhoofer, where your creativity leads the way to unprecedented sonic landscapes.

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