STAGE | Audio plugins for free

“STAGE is a FREE Gain Staging and Stereo Enhancing Plugins for Mac & PC. Available as AU and VST3 plugins.

It has several modes: Narrow, Mono, Stereo, Normal, Wide, Wider, Super Wide modes.

Comes with bunch of Factory Presets and user can save custom presets as (.rdg) file format.

  • Completely FREE
  • Gain Staging
  • Stereo enhancer
  • Several Modes: Narrow, Mono, Normal, Stereo, wide, Wider, Super Wide
  • Pan (balance) Control
  • Factory Presets
  • User Presets (.rdg format)
  • Graphics Card 1GB (2 GB recommended).
  • RAM 1 GB (2 GB recommended).
  • Intel or AMD CPU.
  • ASIO driver and audio interface.
  • Windows 10 (64-bit).
  • Latest Mac OS X (Compiled in Mojave Mac OS).”

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