Splash Pro

It is a free plug-in that will help you make music with AI. It will allow you to create your own unique compositions. This includes Drums, Keys, and Bass MIDI creation as well as realistic synthetic vocals through your own custom lyrics. To get a free key, simply enter an email address at http://splashpro.popgun.ai/

Developer : Popgun

39 Responses to “Splash Pro”

  1. Avatar Mellowlyne says:

    This is the most fantastic plugin I have ever known for creating music from text. I am very sorry that it is no longer active. I have created many songs with it. If you want to hear them, check my channel “Mellowlyne” on Youtube Songs “Warm Heart, Cold Heart”; “AI-Generated Voice & Song – One More Time”; “What Am I Doing” and on Soundcloud: previous songs + “This Dream Come True”. I created other songs that I haven’t published yet. Comment if you like.

  2. Avatar Keiron says:

    Who got the full software on Windows? Please send me the midi source files that’s either in Program Data Folder. Email it to me @Tpubbdjk@aol.com

    • Avatar Skarafox says:

      Bonjour , désoler de vous le dire de cette façons mais l’application n’est plus a jour est n’est plus utilisable pour le moment peut etres que un jour Splash le remettra !? Mais en attendent suivez ce qu’il fond , il devlope un logiciel Ia pour musique

  3. Avatar Gerys says:

    Hi there,
    Can I get the key please?
    Million thanks.

  4. Avatar Chen says:

    Where i can get key? Link doesn´t work?

    • Avatar b says:

      3a4m6wxcty4oqxu6c6mtqbw2 Try This Code It Worked For Me…

      • Avatar Keiron says:

        B, Do you have the data files that downloads to the software after registering it? I registered the license, but it’s don’t have no source files or show any genres to generate from. add me on Facebook Keiron Key or email me Splash Pro files @Tpubbdjk@aol.com

  5. Avatar Avner says:

    I like thisplug in where can I fined a working vertion

  6. Avatar ona says:

    www audiopluginsforfree.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/2020-03-11_5e68816088a5b_SplashPro2.0.11 .zip

  7. Avatar Steve says:

    I need a key to update to the last or latest version please

  8. Avatar mike says:

    Even if you have the key it won’t work because the music is created through the server and appears to have been an abandoned project.

  9. Avatar Milford says:

    The plugin requires activation, its not working.

  10. Avatar Forrest says:

    Hey, If they’re not supporting this anymore, then I feel okay with giving out my Key. Unsure how many activations you can have on it though. Key: splash_3a4m6wxcty4oqxu6c6mtqbw2

  11. Avatar Juan says:

    necesito la clave

  12. Avatar Dennis says:

    I can not access your (link9http://splashpro.popgun.ai/) to get a serial number to authorize this software. The error that shows up is;
    Error: Server Error
    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.


  13. Avatar Loco says:

    Need key, website is unavailable

  14. Avatar levelterm says:

    i believe these guys stopped support on this because they released a roblox game that did very well so they cut support on everything else and focused on that

  15. Avatar brenners says:

    Hi, the link to the key does not work. Where can I find another key please?
    thanks in advance,

  16. Avatar Gabriel says:

    Today I test if the app was working, ironically it is working after a few days of being out of order. In this case I use version 2.0.18.

  17. Avatar The NEWS says:

    I emailed them, they are no longer supporting the app. It’s shut down.

  18. Avatar Tony Vee says:

    useless without a key

  19. Hello bro cam you give me a key to be in your team user’s, this tool is a dream.

  20. Avatar Lamar says:

    Need the serial number to use the plugin.

  21. Avatar manoj says:

    if there is no way to get key so why you guys cheat people and waste time

  22. Avatar manoj says:

    if there is no way to get key so why you guys cheat people and waste time

  23. Avatar Jesus Ch says:

    No key

  24. Avatar Al Blake says:

    Thanks for the Splash Pro plugin but i can’t use it without a product Key.

    Best Wishes

    Al Blake

  25. Avatar Nino says:

    Where i can get key? Link doesn´t work?

  26. Avatar fred says:

    free key

  27. Avatar Leigh Robinson says:

    Hi, I can’t get access to your page to give you my email and collect the key to use Splash. I keep getting an error message on your site. It’s such a cool plugin and I would love to use this with my students.



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