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“The SpatStrument GR24 (for GRains and Gesture Recorder) is a versatile instrument dedicated to sample mangling and granular kind effects.
It can record or load a mono WAV file and process it through two different but complementary tools: the Vaporizer and the Crumblizer.
The Crumblizer can produce extremely short shards to extremely dense textures through evolving rythmic cells, while the Vaporizer is more adapted to particle clouds and trajectories. All their multiple sounds are spatialized with the same powerfull 24 points Spatial Shaper and Animator as the other SpatStruments.
What distinguishes it more is its Gesturizer Pad and gesture Sampler which gives a new level of spatial sound design.

– record and play one mono file (no theoretical time limit but be reasonable …), it is possible to switch between the loaded file and the recorded one during play
– dual sampler players with up to 128 polyphony voices / grains each
– Periphonic Spatial Mode to simplify the use with common surround / immersive formats (Atmos, domes, acousmoniums…)
– Volumetric Spatial Mode for advanced spatial control and true 3D speakers arrangements
– Spatial Shaper: 16 points basic 2D and 3D shapes (Sphere, Lines, Planes, Chaos) can be transformed, combined and animated
– Import/Export spatial configuration parameters values with other SpatStruments
– Spatial Animator: Yaw/Pitch/Roll and Agitation, can be controlled with the Gesture Pad movements and the Crumblizer modulator
– Direct Mode: bypass the Spatial Shaper and sends the sound to 32 output channels, for instance to be processed with the SpatStrument FX24/32
– Crumblizer: generate up to 128 voices/sounds, each with its own Sample position, Pitch, Filter and Envelope values
– +/- 5 octaves Pitch range, Multimode Filter, Short/Long Release multiplicator option
– Trigger interval between “notes” can be more than 10 seconds up to audio rate
– the Spatial Modulator distributes the voices among the 16 spatialized points
– Fixed and Sample modes to link manually the Sample and the Spatial positions
– TrigModulator: modulate the Trigger Rate and also the Pitch and the Sample position
– OneShot mode to trig individual grains with variable length
– Vaporizer: generate up to 128 voices/sounds triggered by the Gesturizer movements
– Multimode Filter, 2 Envelope generators and LFO
– Random Pitch, Filter Freq, Release and LFO Rate
– Gesturizer: XY surface to play with the mouse, can be controlled with an external controller with added pressure
– Vaporizer: can control the Pitch, the Sample Position, the Filter and the LFO Rate; Crumblizer: can control the Sample position, the Trigger Rate and the Pitch; Spatial Shaper: can control the XYZ position, the Shapes and the Animators parameters
– Gesture Sampler: records a short 2D gesture and replay it with Speed, Loop and Shape variations
– Auxiliary ADSR and LFO for more modulations
– integrated simple binauralizer for basic headphones monitoring (Windows)
Note: since more than 24 channels plugins is not supported in Nuendo and Studio One a special truncated version is provided.”

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