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“Soundpaint is a free and advanced software technology designed to offer the highest degree of fidelity and realism possible for digital music instruments.

Soundpaint renders all instruments by morphing velocity layers and generating new velocities and samples from them.

The technology has taken 8 years to develop. Everything is built from the ground up, including a new proprietary algorithmic audio format that allows us to render instruments in real-time.

The Soundpaint engine uses all the natural imperfections of instruments and can sound completely realistic or synthetic. It also has analog behaviors built-in.

Intuitive Technology

The Soundpaint engine is designed for fast and intuitive music making. Overall workflow is approximately 40% faster than competing technologies. Load-speeds are up to 10X faster with super-optimization for SSD.

We spent years usability testing the engine and ensuring that every action is the most logical possible.

Want to assign something to your controller? Right click, wiggle your controller and you are set. Want to reorganize your effects chain? Just drag’n’drop each effects module.

Want to morph a piano and a water drop? Just click morph. Soundpaint is simple on the surface. Complex underneath.

Fast User Interface

The User Interface is based on a modern, modular, minimalistic design scheme. Everything is easily configurable. The ultra-fast browser let’s you find any of your instruments in seconds. The UI is super optimized for a minimal amount of clicking. We employed deep classification principles from classic library science for the fastest and most logical way of saving and retrieving instruments.

The search engine is highly optimized for compositional workflow and instruments can be found both by name, emotions, playing techniques, genres and articulations.

Analog Effects:

  • The effects suite contains dozens of different analog models to augment your instruments.
  • True modeled algorithmic reverbs based on the world’s most famous vintage reverbs. Analog style filters with natural variation.
  • 12 Distortion Models. Granular verb and delays.
  • True vintage modeled BBD delays and delays modeled on the falling of rain. Infinitely large shimmer reverbs with pitch-shifting capabilities. Industry leading EQ designs both parametric and dynamic. True modeled vintage chorus effects (used by the Weeknd).
  • The meanest retro modeled bit-crusher with adjustable bit-resolution. The ultimate cinematic gate tool and dozen others.

The 1928 Piano is free when registered

it began as a dream of finding the perfect grand piano.

A piano with a unique voice of its own.  A voice that immediately sweetens the ear and grabs the heart.  From the softest stroke of silk to the hammering hands of a rockstar.  A voice that sounds mature.  Like a perfectly aged singer.

Easy, right? We traveled to all the major Piano stores in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and audited over 400 grand pianos. We tried them all.  The big, modern, opulent grands.  Exotic Pianos.  Vintage pianos. The small and intimate felt uprights.

But it all culminated on the third cellar floor of the San Francisco Steinway store.  An old, brown vintage Steinway from 1928 that was protected under a thick dust cover.  It was dusty and forgotten, but the piano caretaker had to keep tuning it cause he loved it so much.

We asked the store owner: “How come this amazing piano hasn’t sold!?”

He answered: ” … Because it is brown.  95% of people don’t purchase pianos to play them.  They purchase them as furniture …”

We proceeded to ask: “Why does it sound so rich and soulful?”

He answered: ” … Because it still has the original strings from 1928.  The strings have aged like a really fine wine.  Consider yourself lucky! …”

And we hope it makes you feel lucky too.

The 1928 Grand Piano is free and comes together with our free Soundpaint engine. We feel the 1928 is the perfect demonstration of the Soundpaint Engine Technology and lets you feel the power of real-time rendering and velocity morphed samples.”

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