SoundBytes DDMf IIEQ Pro

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“SoundBytes DDMf IIEQ Pro is a six band equalizer from DDMf.

It comes with 27 state-of-the-art filter types per band. SB DDMf IIEQ Pro is also adjusted for digital artifacts at high frequencies and it offers seven Butterworth filter types with variable slopes from 6 to 60 dB/oct.

It has very low CPU consumption yet very high sound quality.

It also includes a high precision frequency analyzer (pre/post) with zoom and scroll functionality.”

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  1. Avatar Everson says:

    Vocês me bloquearam, porque eu estive simplesmente tentando baixar um plugin de vocês, eu é que tinha que bloquear vocês, os arquivos de vocês contem vírus seus mal feitores!!

  2. Avatar Manoel Da Rosa says:

    para audio

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