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Serenity is a free VST | VST3 | AU Instrument for Windows and Mac 32 | 64 bit. Serenity is built on 10 different layers of sound to create a perfect relaxing environment, 4 layers of pad sounds and textures created with the Deepmind analog synthesizer, and 6 layers of high-quality sound from various field recordings we made in the last few months, the original samples were recorded at 24 bit 96khz. Each sound has an assignable output to process the sounds separately in your DAW.


Win & Mac | 32 & 64 bit | 3 pads | 2 texture | 5 field recordings | Built-in reverb | High pass & low pass filter | LFO controls | Multi Outputs | ADSR controls | Catalina Support | GUI available in 2 sizes: [832×528] [1260×800]
System Requirements on Windows:
Windows 8.1/10
500 MB Disk Space
500 MB Ram
VST/VST3 host (32 & 64-bit)

System Requirements on Mac OS X:
OS X 10.13.6 And Above
500 MB Disk Space
500 MB Ram
AU or VST host (32-bit or 64-bit)”

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  1. Avatar Len says:

    Hi there. Is there any way I can modify the pitch from the usual 440Hz to 432Hz? I record meditative tracks but want to move into 432 Hz with solfeggios. In my DAW I can tune all midi tracks to my synths to 432Hz, and some VSTs as well, but not with Serenity it would seem. Would be lovely to do so :-)

  2. Avatar diplap says:

    hi there

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