SE PolyMod KX

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“Vintage polyphonic synthesizer to build analog 70’s leads!
Open SE1, provided with its SE1 files and skin elements.
Built for help SE community, based only on SE modules but great VA sounding!
Alpha release available for Mac users.

Oversampled x2, x3, x4.
Stereo routing.
Up to 4 voices.
12*12 Matrix.
8 KXMOD modulations.
3 Vcos with 5 waveforms and Sync (Vco1 only).
5 Keyboard traking (-10 to 10) for the Vcos and the Vcfs.
1 Ring Modulator with EQ.
1 Noise Generator.
1 Monophonic LFO with ADSR (possible to use it like an oscillator).
2 Mulitmode VCFs (SVF, Moog, Korg with saturator).
4 Polyphonic EGs with velocity and Kbd controls.
1 X Y joystick controller.
2 Delays with host sync, multimode filter and modulation oscillator with host sync.
1 Scope.
1 Frequency display.
1 Note pad.
Full MIDI learn.
Internal Fxp and Fxb management.
104 KX’s presets very 70’s.”

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