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“Scyclone v.0.0.3  is an audio plugin that utilizes neural timbre transfer technology to offer a new approach to audio production. The plugin builds upon RAVE methodology, a realtime audio variational auto encoder, facilitating neural timbre transfer in both single and couple inference mode.

This enables a new artificial layering technique to be applied on the incoming signal in creating richer drum pallets, fuller atmospheres or simply transferring the timbre of the raw signal to another sound pallet. To further control the behaviour and production of the neural networks, we have internally equipped the plugin with signal processing modules allowing the user to shape, control and embellish the source and target timbres in a distinct manner.

Signal flow

Scyclone offers an intuitive signal flow allowing for a seamless influence over inference and sound synthesis. The pre-processing modules are:

  • Transient Controller: Shaping the attack and sustain of the singal.
  • Low-/High-Cut Filter: Refining the frequency range of input audio favouring a consistent sound.

Additional in-built postprocessing modules permit for further manipulation and formation of the timbre transferred signal. The post-processing modules are:

  • Grain Delay: Adding depth and texture.
  • Blend: Crossfades between the outputs of the models and obtain a harmonious mix.
  • Post-Compressor: Controls the dynamics and glues the outputs together.

Trained models

We have provided two pre-trained models (presets) accessible under assets/models directory:

  • Funk Drums: Trained on four hours of captivating vintage drum-breaks.
  • Djembe: Trained on five hours of carefully compiled Djembe dataset (Three hours of Djembe solo performances and two hours of one-shot recordings).”

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