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“Sapling is a freeware standalone sound-mangling application for Mac OS X built with Max/MSP. It was designed with both live use and studio work in mind. Sapling is a program for remixing up to four audio files, and can offer some very interesting and unexpected results by utilizing several realtime randomization features.

Key features:

• control loop start time, size, and playback speed of four audio files
• drag and drop a folder of sound files for quick access to custom libraries of sounds
• randomizing of various parameters for unexpected results
• built-in stereo reverb and filtering effects
• record output to disk for further processing or conversion to other file formats
• store your favorite presets quickly and easily
• cpu monitor gives you realtime feedback concerning Sapling’s tax on your machine
• independent effects sends for each file and panning/balance control
• freeware (but donations welcome)
• On/off toggles for each individual file, with hotkeys
• Ability to save and load presets to and from disk
• Access to I/O settings (Note: this feature was added to fulfill user requests. It has had minimal testing by the beta team, but all reports were positive).”


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