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S Doubler seamlessly enhances the spatial qualities of your vocal and instrumental tracks, offering a realistic sense of depth and width. It achieves this by mimicking the psycho-acoustic effects associated with sound proximity, thereby infusing a genuine spatial dimension into your mixes. With the capability to arrange four doubling voices across a virtual sound stage, you can meticulously sculpt the stereo landscape of your music.

This tool allows for the enrichment and expansion of individual tracks or your entire mix, adding layers of thickness and width. It imbues vocals with enhanced richness and presence, and augments the spatial feel of guitars, synths, or keyboards, making them appear broader and more immersive.

By converting mono signals into stereo, S Doubler broadens your sonic palette. It can replicate the essence of chorus and ensemble effects, boosting the live performance vibe to captivate the audience more effectively.

S Doubler is designed for nuanced refinements or striking stereo manipulations, providing the versatility to customize the sound to meet your precise needs. Whether your project involves amplifying the depth and presence of vocal tracks or introducing spatial complexity to instrumental compositions, S Doubler equips you with the necessary tools to elevate your mixes. Its innovative functionality and user-friendly interface make it a vital component of any producer or engineer’s arsenal.


  • – Spread: Adjusts the stereo width of the doubling effect. Higher settings yield broader panning and more pronounced differences between the doubler voices.
  • – Distance: Modulates the perceived closeness of the doubler voices, employing various physical simulations to achieve a convincing depth effect.
  • – Enable Dry Signal: Offers the option to bypass the original audio, ideal for use on a send channel. Activating the dry signal allows for dynamic ducking of the doubler voices based on the transients.
  • – Tone: Manages a tilt EQ on the doubler voices, enabling tonal shaping.
  • – Frequency Range: Narrows the effect to a specific frequency spectrum, focusing the stereo enhancement where it’s most effective.
  • – Level: Governs the volume of the doubling voices without affecting the original signal.
  • – Built-in On/Off: Integrates a switch for bypassing the effect, perfect for automation and eliminating sound clicks.
  • – Undo/Redo: Features internal undo and redo functions to safeguard against accidental setting changes.
  • – Mid/Side Processing: Allows for the adjustment of the plugin’s impact on the mid and side channels of stereo tracks.
  • – Scalable GUI: Offers adjustable GUI sizing from 80% to 150%, ensuring compatibility with various monitor sizes.

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