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“Roth-AIR is a mixing tool for easily adding airy, crispy presence to your audio.

This is achieved by a combination of multiband compression and gentle saturation of the highs. It enables for a stronger, more consistent presence of high frequency material and works particularly well with vocals, synths and strings.

The process is made easy by a simple user interface, automatic makeup gain and a combined function “AIR” knob.

Roth-AIR is available for free in 32-bit and 64-bit as VST and AU (OS X only) plugins for Windows and Mac.”

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5 Responses to “Roth-AIR”

  1. Avatar Lucas says:


  2. Avatar joe says:

    OUTSTANDING plugin, why the #### isn’t this available any more? Shame, it’s a great one, if you can find, get it.

  3. Avatar Sal Paradise says:

    fantastic plug..thanks..I tried it on another freebie, Ample acoustic…fabbo