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“Having started life as a web-based groovebox, Roland’s has now been reborn as the Roland50 Studio, a free online platform that enables you to make music using some of the company’s most famous gear of the past 50 years.

Roland has marked 303 Day by adding an SH-101 to the studio; this joins the virtual versions of the TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 bassline synth. There are four empty slots on the interface, too, with countdown clocks appearing when you click each of them.

This indicates that more gear is going to be added to the studio over the course of 2022 – Roland’s 50th anniversary year, of course.

The Roland50 Studio is the work of Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki, his team and Counterpoint, and is easy to use as you’d hope. Notes and beats can be programmed by clicking in the sequencers, and adjustments to the sound can be made using the controls. Performances can be recorded and shared on social media.

You can start making music now on the Roland50 Studio website “

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