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“Ribs is a powerful granular FX/synth that provides detailed control over it’s granular engine. You can glitch, scratch, filter, destroy and reconstruct sounds in many different ways!

Ribs is available as VST and .exe for PC, and AU, VST and .app for OS.

Ultrahypershort Tutorial:

  1. Put Ribs on a track and turn FX mode on ( on the top left of the UI)
  2. Add or route some audio to the track
  3. Push play in the DAW
  4. Press Ribs’ tab tops – the buffers will start filling with the track’s output and a sound will appear

Currently Ribs does not support loading .wav files and saving buffer contents.

NB1: For hosts with routing range restrictions (e.g. Ableton Live) right-click the multi input button – channel config – select stereo channels 2-4 and you should be fine.

NB2: For hosts that don’t allow audio and MIDI routing to the same track (e.g. Cubase) Ribs will work properly in FX mode only.”

Source : hvoyaaudio.itch.io

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