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“Raijin is an EDM oriented drum pad rompler plugin. It is simple yet useful drum tool for music producers.

What is “Raijin” anyway?
Well, it is name of god. There is a Japanese myth that there is a god of lightening or thunder called “Raijin”, who rides on cloud carrying his own drum pads on his back to make a sound of lightening. For more detailed info, please Google it.


  • Semi real futuristic neon UI.
  • 12 individual drum pads with Volume, Pan and Attack control.
  • 4 built in master knobs (Volume, Reverb, Pitch, ?).
  • 7 drum kits are included (6 EDM oriented kits, 1 Acoustic kit).
  • Touch panel control capable (win 10).
  • WIN VST (32-bit/64-bit), MAC VST, MAC AU support.
  • Future expansion kits will be expected for more superior drum sounds.”

Source : kvraudio.com/

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