QSynthi – The Quantum Synthesizer

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Uncover Quantum Soundscapes: Dive into the Sonic Potential of the Schrödinger Equation.

Play with Quantum Mechanics

Harness the motion characteristics of quantum simulations to craft expansive, evolving sounds. Whether you’re layering big chords or honing in on a melody, QSynthi adapts to your creative needs.

Sculpt Your Desired Sound

QSynthi integrates the principles of quantum physics into sound design, converting quantum simulations into dynamic, evolving audio. This groundbreaking instrument offers real-time adaptive tones, allowing for a unique exploration of the sonic possibilities found within quantum phenomena.

Simulate Real-Life Phenomena

Animate real-life phenomena through sound with QSynthi. This tool offers a distinctive and interactive way to understand complex systems, blending the realms of quantum physics and music. Explore, tweak, and play – it’s quantum physics with a melodic twist.

Version 0.8


How to install: Put the “QSynthi.vst3” file into the following directory: [Your Drive]:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3


How to install: Put the “QSynthi.component” folder into the following directory: [Your Drive]/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

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