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“Ignite Amps’ PTEq-X is a CPU-friendly emulation of three Pultec EQs with some additional controls.

If you’re familiar with Pultec’s mythos, this is a versatile addition to the extensive family of emulations. In addition to a thorough representation of the original circuits and signal flow, Ignite Amps made sure to add their own twists for increased versatility. For example, the Low-Frequency knob has two extra frequencies that weren’t present on the original hardware. They also added three extra options for the high-frequency attenuator. Moreover, the plugin lets you choose between 4 types of tube emulations.



  • Three different equalization modules with perfectly analog curve response even at highest frequencies
  • Ignite Amps 3rd generation triode stage analog modeling for 4 different tube types
  • Additional selectable frequencies for the PEQ1A model, compared to the original design
  • Refined filters frequency precision for the MQ5 and HL3C models, compared to the original design
  • Switchable equalizers and tube stage modeling for better CPU usage management
  • Switchable linear phase oversampling for aliasing reduction
  • Global input / output level controls
  • Mono / Stereo processing support
  • Double precision (64-bit) floating point processing
  • Fully automatable controls
  • Ignite Amps proprietary preset management system with bank file import/export functions

Key Features:

• MQ5: The unit at the top of this plugin handles the mid-range. It is a three-band equalizer with peculiar controls. The high and low frequencies get peak controls, in which you get five frequency options for each and up to 10dB of boost. However, the mids work inversely, making a bell cut at any of the eleven possible frequencies.
• PEQAC: The equalizer in the middle is called the “Program Equalizer.” It skips the midrange almost entirely, focusing on creating high and low shelves. By increasing the boost and attenuation values together, you get the classic Pultec curve, which sounds amazing on the bass and kick drum. When you click the “ECC88” button, a dropdown menu will show up with four options. Each option changes the harmonic curve a little so you can have different colorations. In the end, it all goes down to taste and the material you’re mixing. It’s important to note that there will be a significant CPU improvement if you bypass the Tube. This is effective if you’re using another plugin to color the sound. Alternatively, even if you bypass the PEQ1A module, you can still get the Tube’s harmonic richness since they work independently.
• HL3C: By enabling this unit at the bottom, you can create high- and low-pass filters. You get ten frequencies to choose from for each of the filters.
• Oversampling: This plugin offers you 2 times oversampling, meaning it will double your session’s sample rate. A pro tip is tracking and mixing with oversampling off and then turning it on before rendering the project.

Character & Sound:

This plugin has the warm but crispy sound of the Pultec, and the extra Frequency options are convenient additions that can improve your workflow. Overall, the plugin’s use of three different equalizers helps you control the entire spectrum more thoroughly. Additionally, you can bypass any of the three EQs to focus on the ones you want. The way Pultecs work is through boosting and attenuating. So the EQ in the middle will create high and low shelves at the chosen frequencies. Use the ATTEN knob to tighten up the curves. The EQ at the top creates Peak bells on the higher and lower mids, while Dip lets you choose a frequency to cut back. At the bottom, the Filter HL3C lets you apply low and high-cut filters.


This plugin is available for macOs 10.7 and up and Windows 7 and higher. The download file will give you the VST, VST3, and AU versions.


The PTEg-X is an excellent free EQ for mastering and mixing, but not for precise cuts and boosts. Due to its inherited selectable frequencies, the plugin offers enough options to make anything sound fantastic, but not for specific fixes, like unpleasant frequency cuts. As it’s a free plugin, it’s worth downloading even if vou already have all other available Pultec emulations, especially due to the tube options.”

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