“PANO stands for Procedural Ambient Noise Orchestra. It is a real-time multichannel synthesizer dedicated to dynamic ambient noises.

Current factory presets include liquid, fire and wind sounds. More will come in the future and be posted to the Noise Makers website.

PANO is composed of two elements: The PanoComposer (Standalone) is a standalone software which includes two granular synths, noise additive synthesis with 32 sub-bands, 4 filters for subtractive synthesis, 4 loopers and a pad type editor for morphing . You can load your own loops in WAV format.

With PanoComposer you can create presets that are then read from the plug-in VST, AU and AAX PanoPlayer. The plug-in also includes a pad to morph in real time, controls the width and spatial (with binaural and multichannel support), and automation of parameters.

PANO evaluation version is full featured and not limited in time. But it can not be used for commercial purposes.”

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