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This online browser plugin is an accurate Cmajor adaptation of the Native Instruments Pro-53, a synth originally launched in 2002.

Its digital signal processing (DSP) core has been meticulously converted to Cmajor from an unreleased internal C++ version. This transition was carried out with precision, aiming to preserve the essence of the original rather than re-engineering it within Cmajor’s modular framework. Consequently, much of the original structure is left untouched, highlighted by a notable 1000-line main() function that remains from the original coding efforts.

In crafting the user interface, a deliberate choice was made to invoke nostalgia. The interface was rebuilt using HTML and JavaScript, leveraging low-resolution bitmaps from the original synth to ensure the GUI emanates an authentic vintage vibe. This approach ensures that users are transported back in time, experiencing the classic aesthetics and functionality of the Pro-53, now reborn with a distinctly retro flair.

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