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“Pixelsynth is a browser-based synthesizer that can read images and convert the information into sound.

The instrument, created by artist and programmer Olivia Jack, analyses grayscale information of an image which is then translated into a sine wave.

The synth reads any white information on the black background as note-on. The velocity of the note is dependant on the transparency of the object and pitch depends on its location – at the base of the picture for the low tones, etc.

The interface is made up of three sections: Image, Sound and Draw. The Image menu enbles you to choose from a selection of pre-loaded images or upload your own (these are converted to monochrome automatically). You can then invert the image, adjust brightness and contrast, its rotation, and even its size and repetition.

The Draw function is simple enough and gives you the option to paint on a blank background or over any images. Finally, the Sound section offers control over the playhead’s speed and direction, the root note, the number of octaves and the scale.

A cacophonous orchestra of sound can be created by loading multiple windows of Pixelsynth, but don’t just take our word for it. Head on over to the Pixelsynth website for a bash yourself.”

Source : musicradar.com

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