Pitch Drift

Pitch Drift | Audio Plugins for Free

“Pitch Drift introduces pitch fluctuations to make your tracks feel more organic and natural. The effect ranges from subtle instabilities that make your instruments sound less sterile to intense pitch drifting that will make your tracks clearly out of tune.

The effect is inspired by acoustic instruments, which are never 100% in tune 100% of the time. These subtle pitch instabilities compound when you bring multiple instruments together in a mix, making the music sound richer. Use Pitch Drift to break the spell of digital pitch perfection.


* Lets you introduce pitch fluctuations ranging from ‘subtle organic drifting’ to ‘severely out-of-tune’

* Use the main slider to set the ‘Depth’ of the fluctuations – and hover-over the screen to set the ‘Speed’

* Powered by the Drift algorithm in our Super VHS plugin – offering the same natural and pleasing fluctuation effect.”

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