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“pajSoil EiS – unrestricted compressor’s little brother.

PajSoil EiS is the light version of pajSoil “unrestricted compressor”. It’s high quality and versatile audio compressor with all features that modern compressor should have, but with lighter GUI and less CPU load. It was designed with main question in mind: “What if we go out of the rules?”.

PajSoil EiS, like its bigger brother, is perfect for creative, experimental and exaggerated compression.

pajSoil EiS is completely free.

Key features:

  • incredible deep negative ratio, up to 1:-10 dB;
  • extremely short times (up to total zero) of attack and release;
  • look ahead (from 0 to 20 ms) option provided by new, sophisticated and unique algorithm that calculates signal volume in run time, and applies gain reduction gradually;
  • hold feature: from 0 to 50 ms;
  • various characteristics of attack and release that can be fluidly changed and automated from Digital style to Analog style;
  • side chain low cut filter;
  • parallel compression;
  • ability to choose external side chain signal;
  • feedback compression;
  • and many more…”

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