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“Osirus is VST emulation of an Access Virus B/C, code ported to function exactly as the hardware using the DSP56300 emulator.

The Access Virus C Synthesizer is a versatile and well-engineered instrument designed to provide musicians, producers, and sound designers with a wide range of sound shaping capabilities. Its features include:

  • Advanced Sound Architecture: The Virus C is equipped with a three-oscillator virtual analog engine that offers a variety of wavetables, filters, and modulation options. This enables users to create a diverse array of sounds, from vintage analog emulations to modern and experimental textures.
  • Wavetable Synthesis: The synthesizer allows users to engage in wavetable synthesis, allowing for the manipulation and morphing of complex waveforms. Real-time control over wavetables provides a dynamic element to sound design.
  • Dual Multimode Filters: With a choice of filter types such as low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass, the Virus C enables precise tonal shaping. Real-time filter envelope controls contribute to the expressive potential of the instrument.
  • Modulation Matrix: The comprehensive modulation matrix facilitates the routing of modulation sources to various destinations, adding depth and movement to sound patches.
  • Onboard Effects: The Virus C features a range of built-in effects including reverb, delay, phaser, and distortion. These effects can be customized to enhance the sonic characteristics of the synthesizer.
  • Performance-oriented Design: The ergonomic layout of the Virus C is optimized for both studio production and live performance. Its 16-part multi-timbral capability supports complex arrangements.
  • Connectivity Options: MIDI, USB, and analog I/O connections ensure seamless integration with external devices, DAWs, and other instruments.
  • Clap version “

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  1. Avatar Fallen Leaf says:

    Can’t get this to run in Logic 10.8.1.
    sadly. would have been nice.

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