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“NeuralNote is the audio plugin that brings state-of-the-art Audio to MIDI conversion into your favorite Digital Audio Workstation.

  • Works with any tonal instrument (voice included)
  • Supports polyphonic transcription
  • Supports pitch bend detection
  • Lightweight and very fast transcription
  • Allows to adjust the parameters while listening to the transcription
  • Allows to scale and time quantize transcribed MIDI directly in the plugin

NeuralNote comes as a simple AudioFX plugin (VST3/AU/Standalone app) to be applied on the track to transcribe.

The workflow is very simple:

  • Gather some audio
    • Click record. Works when recording for real or when playing the track in a DAW.
    • Or drop an audio file on the plugin. (.wav, .aiff, .flac, .mp3 and .ogg (vorbis) supported)
  • The MIDI transcription instantly appears in the piano roll section.
  • Listen to the result by clicking the play button.
    • Play with the different settings to adjust the transcription, even while listening to it
    • Individually adjust the level of the source audio and of the synthesized transcription
  • Once you’re satisfied, export the MIDI transcription with a simple drag and drop from the plugin to a MIDI track.”

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